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KOMEGA REQUIREMENTS: Basic Version with optional on-demand Computations by the Computer

Integrating Engineering and the Human Factor ( eJournal ISSN 2567-6458, Nov 15, 2020

Author: Gerd Doeben-Henisch


As described in the uffmm eJournal  the wider context of this software project is a generative theory of cultural anthropology [GCA] which is an extension of the engineering theory called Distributed Actor-Actor Interaction [DAAI]. In  the section Case Studies of the uffmm eJournal there is also a section about Python co-learning – mainly
dealing with python programming – and a section about a web-server with
Dragon. This document is part of the Case Studies section.


Introducing a new general interface to transfer messages to the simulator as computer to compute explicitly some functions.



VIDEO [de]

This video explains in German the new ‘computation on-demand’ element of the change rules. More details are explained in the preceding English Text of the PDF document. As next step this idea will be implemented and it will be shown with another video, how this idea looks like in action.


Explains  the first Problem-Vision-Preferences Module and makes some remarks how this is related  to the final evaluation module.