Rebooting Humanity

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Begin: April1, 2024

Last change: April 2, 2024

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The entire blog so far — and many accompanying blogs — stands as a foundation for the following text. It is about a comprehensive view of life that is possible today, sharing the same fate as many other perspectives on life before: a bright flash of light illuminates the darkness of understanding to reveal the contours of the possible overall meaning. However, each era has its own prerequisites, its then-prevailing limitations, which painfully make it clear to the recognition that it is bound to the apparent materiality of everything concrete. Yet, the power of overcoming every now acts in every moment. The miracle of life has begun to shine, to have an effect, to press, to manifest, and all the names of God in the history of humanity so far have their origin in this unfolding miracle. The following text will discuss this.

List of entries

  1. The known images
  2. Discovery of truth behind appearances
  3. The universe
  4. The planet
  5. Life
  6. The freedom of humans
  7. Machine spirit – the beginning
  8. Global discourse
  9. Machine spirit – the forms
  10. The crisis of the old humanity
  11. Sustainable truth shared by all as a challenge
  12. Rediscovery of the sacred in everything
  13. Will the last chapter be written, or will we erase ourselves beforehand because we fail ourselves? We are both chance and death, it’s called freedom…

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