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ISSN 2567-6458, 11.April 2019 – 24.Sept 2021
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Author: Gerd Doeben-Henisch
Email: gerd@doeben-henisch.de



This blog contains after some changes since Nov 2019 now the following  main threads:  a Philosophy of Science Section, an Engineering Management section, a theoretical engineering thread dealing with the paradigm of Distributed Actor-Actor Interaction [DAAI] (usually called HCI or HMI or MMI),  a reviewing section to support a  controlled exchange with important science positions, a case study section illustrating the  application of DAAI  in different settings, an interactive website oksimo.com to use the oksimo (reloaded) software, an Application Blog oksimo.org with oksimo-casestudies and additional support information, and a  more practical thread dealing with the usage of the python programming language from scratch used for  our oksimo software.