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Author: Gerd Doeben-Henisch
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Some philosophical remarks in advance

The following text has not the format of a book but the format of a blog. This seems to be trivial at a first glance. But it isn’t.

A book represents its subject as a ‘closed shop‘:  everything to be said is there; things are fixed; nothing new can happen. You ‘have it’.

The real world instead is not static, is not closed, is in a steady process of ,multiple changes all the time. Not only an individual alone can change every time, all things can change and are changing. There is nowhere a ‘fixed point’. Even the ‘hard things’ of the everyday world are dynamic substrates which are changing constantly.

Thus a written book equals mostly a ‘can’ which contains everything, not changing, stored as something from the past.

A blog is completely different. While the authors are part of a dynamic reality and they themselves are constantly changing — with ‘learning’ as a subset of these changes — they are in the strange situation that they want to report on multiple processes which have no fixed ‘endpoint’: the actual time-spot, the now, is the actual endpoint of the process so far, but because the process as such does not stop,  this ‘relative endpoint called ‘now” will turn into some ‘past’ from the next ‘now’.

Thus reporting about the real world  will ever be an ongoing story which reveals some possible ‘hidden structure’ only during the course of time itself.

The  self-image of the uffmm.org blog is exactly like this: a constant self-reporting of an individual as a process being part of uncountable many processes which are more or less interacting. Generating models about these processes is necessary but will never be more than a simplified sketch of some dynamic complexity which as such can never be  modeled completely.

Thus the ‘incompleteness‘ of a blog is the only possible ‘truth’ in this dynamic world.

To make some ‘sense’ out of it therefor belongs to the responsibility not only of the author(s) alone but to the reader as well. Truth lives always ‘in the middle of everything’…



From the philosophically minded introducing paragraph one can deduce, that the overall structure of this blog is always close to some change. One can try to see in all the changes ‘one big picture’, but this would be an illusion. A radical philosophical search-process  is  a radically non-linear process. Some parts can induce the impression that there is some ‘order’ in the appearance of reality, but every ‘detected order’ is a mind-induced order which can become the new subject of new investigations. But, be cautious, this does not mean that ‘everything goes’, that everything is completely’arbitrary’; no! There is some ‘real world’ ‘outside of thinking’ which is ‘given’, which is ‘real’, which is the ground for ‘truth’, but the ‘thinking’ as a property of a highly dynamic (and learning, and thinking, …) biological system is not static; it is permanently processing signal-flows from the real world to get some grasp what it is, what is happening. And because the ‘real world out there’, for us primarily a ‘body world’, is more and more ‘mixed up’ with biological bodies, the real world is a ‘hybrid real world’ whose complex patterns of events and appearances is even more dynamic.  Thus for a certain point of time and space you can easily catch some ‘truth’ with your symbolic expressions, but extending time and space it becomes increasingly a challenge. And because it is of no great help if you ‘alone’ are producing some ‘truth’, only ‘together’, the ‘produced truth’ can only be helpful if it leads to a common action plan.

Thus, the actual ‘order of things’ in this blog follows some ‘dynamic logic’ which can only be understood if one observes, what is happening and one asks back, what this can ‘mean’. Truth can always only happen within a shared process.