Author: Gerd Doeben-Henisch

Time: Nov 12, 2023 — Nov 12, 2023


–!! This is not yet finished !!–


This text belongs to the topic Philosophy (of Science).


The ‘coming out’ of a new type of ‘text generator’ in November 2022 called ‘chatGPT’ — this is not the only one around — caused an explosion of publications and usages around the world. The author is working since about 40 years in this field and never did this happen before. What has happened? Is this the beginning of the end of humans being the main actors on this planet (yes, we know, not really the best until now) or is there something around and in-between which we do overlook captivated by these new text generators?

Reading many papers since that event, talking with people, experimenting directly with chatGPT4, continuing working with theories and working with people in a city by trying new forms of ‘citizens at work in their community’, slowly a picture was forming in my head how it could perhaps be possible to ‘benchmark’ text generators with human activities directly.

After several first trials everything came together when I could give a speech in the Goethe University in Frankfurt Friday Nov-10. [1] There was a wonderful audience with elderly people from the so-called University of the 3rd age … a bit different to young students 🙂

There was an idea that hit me like a bolt of lightning when I wrote it down afterwards: it is the fundamental role of literature for our understanding of world and people, which will be completely eliminated by using text generators. The number of written text will explode in the near future, but the meaning of the world will vanish more and more at the same time. You will see letters, but there will be no more meaning around. And with the meaning the world of humans will disappear. You won’t even be able to know yourself anymore.

Clearly, it can only happen if we substitute our own thinking and writing completely by text generators.

Is the author of this text a bit ‘ill’ to write down such ideas or are there some arguments around which make it clear why this can be the fate of humans after the year 2023?


[1] See the text written down after the speech: