Playing with the Future

ISSN 2567-6458, 19.August 2022 – 19 August 2022
Author: Gerd Doeben-Henisch


This text is part of the subject COMMON SCIENCE as Sustainable Applied Empirical Theory, besides ENGINEERING, in a SOCIETY. It is a preliminary version, which is intended to become part of a book.


In this enlarged reality of a process the ability to generate ‘signatures’ representing ‘some properties’ out of a set of properties, is the other ‘magic’ tool to compose ‘abstract structures’ which can be expanded if necessary, which can be related to nearly everything; an abstract structure can become associated with other structures, can be embedded in ‘hierarchic’ structures, and even more. Abstract structures are the other ‘tools’ to overcome the NOW: ‘reality’ is not only ‘what is now’, but in the same time also that what can be added, extended, combined to the given structure. Abstract structures are as part of an embracing process ‘potentials’, ‘possible alternatives’, something which can become ‘true’ in some following state, that means in some ‘possible future.’

If someone has introduced the word ‘cup’ for something concrete which allows to hold some fluid, which can be used to ‘drink’ out of this concrete something, the word ‘cup’ — an expression of some language — is not a fixed, static object but — as part of a possible process — can be used to ‘touch’ more and more different concrete objects allowing them to become ‘part of the internal meaning structure’ of a speaker-hearer. Thus while the ‘word’ as language expression stays ‘the same’ the associated meaning space can change, can grow, can shrink, can be associated with other meaning spaces.

In this sense seems ‘language’ to be the master tool for every brain to mediate its dynamic meaning structures with symbolic fix points (= words, expressions) which as such do not change, but the meaning is ‘free to change’ in any direction. And this ‘built in ‘dynamics’ represents an ‘internal potential’ for uncountable many possible states, which could perhaps become ‘true’ in some ‘future state’. Thus ‘future’ can begin in these potentials, and thinking is the ‘playground’ for possible futures.(but see [18])

— draft version —